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EOS CCA - Just Following Experian's Lead


If you have been getting pestered by EOS CCA via mail or phone, you probably should pull a copy of your credit report RIGHT NOW. Experian botched up Jessica's report. Badly. The report went on for 24 pages, included 6 other "Jessica Thompson"'s we don't know, and contained over $200,000 of debt history.

If Jessica had tried to apply for a home loan, I suspect she'd have ended up in jail. It was that bad.

When EOS CCA went looking for Jessica A. Thompson of Seguin, Texas for a smallish AT&T Mobility bill, they ended up calling us. Why? Because the Experian credit report was an unmitigated disaster. It had several different people named "Jessica Thompson" listed, most of whom were in Texas, plus our previous two addresses.

Well, it took a while, but the light at the end of the tunnel may actually be daylight, and not an oncoming train. After several phone calls, two letters and a fax, the Experian credit report now shows all clear. We've asked EOS CCA to validate the debt--which they didn't really do very well because all they provided was a copy of an AT&T phone bill with another Jessica Thompson's name on it. They provided neither the agreement authorizing EOS CCA to collect on the assumed debt, nor the signed agreement from the debtor confirming to pay the debt.

Now, time to start beating EOS CCA with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. We've told them "go away, you have the wrong person." Hopefully they'll continue Googling or whatever it is they do and hunt down the right person. Oh, wait, found another web site which has the same smashed up and utterly incorrect information. Lovely.

If they're really interested in contacting the "real" Jessica A. Thompson, they could start looking here: an article in the Seguin Gazette from April 28, 2011, in which one Harland Thompson ended up in the hospital. The lone comment posted about the story? None other than Jessica Thompson, whose name previously appeared on the Experian credit report, matched to a particular address in Seguin, Texas. Oh, and Harland was there on our credit report too before Experian cleaned it up.

Just ask the webmaster of the Gazette for the IP address of the poster of that comment. Then, ask the ISP for the address of the account associated with that IP address back in April of 2011.

There. Did your legwork for you, EOS CCA. Now leave us alone and start calling Jessica A. Thompson several times a week instead, OK?