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Israel Trip 2010 - Feb 14 - Last Minute

Feb 14: Scrambled around Gwinnett county to find spare batteries for my camcorder, only to end up right where I bought it in the first place, Fry's Electronics. Found several by "Lenmar," whom I've never heard of. Also had to stop by the office to replace a dying RAID controller and initiate the copy of 300GB+ of data. I hope it finished OK...

Last things on the list: I want a windbreaker with good pockets, and we need to pick up cash. Tomorrow's a federal holiday, so that means no cash at a bank, which means $1 bills will be a bit difficult to get!

Hopefully the predictions of snow in Atlanta tomorrow AM are ill-founded...

On the plus side, I was able to listen to the live broadcast of Berean's evening service, streaming over a 3G Blackberry, Bluetooth-bridged into the FM stereo in my car. The bits took a very long route, but I got to hear all of them!

More details on the preparation at the Israel 2010 page.