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Israel Trip 2010 - Feb 16 - What Day Is It?

5:30AM Israel time... which means we will get a wakeup call in 15 minutes. Oy!

The flight was delayed an hour thanks to de-icing at JFK, but we're all here, everyone's healthy, and all the luggage made the same trip.

Driving from the airport thru Tel Aviv was interesting: you'd easily mistake it for any midwestern USA city, except that the signs are not primarily English. Even Tel Aviv itself feels like any other city. Of course, this is the viewpoint of someone who's never been outside the USA except one vacation jaunt to St. Croix!

Last night we had dinner at our hotel, the Leonardo Hotel Basel. The hotel rooms are small but quite adequate and clean. Today we visit Caesarea and several other locations to the north, ending up near the Sea of Galilee!

We'll keep updated at our Facebook page: is the place to go.